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January 21 - February 19
.zodiac aku ni.
aku 3 feb 1989...
same ngan aku la...
nk tau lebey lanjut pasal aquarius ni....

Aquarians are strongly independent and cannot bear to be tied down. Their firm views and opinions can quickly change to obstinacy and stubbornness when provoked. Nevertheless, they are faithful and supportive in the right relationships. They may become ensconced in a committed relationship but need to preserve their privacy and independence.

Aquarian Traits

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

On the dark side....
Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached

The Bright Side

Aquarians are lively, inventive and original. Anything goes with Aquarius, and being an individual does not worry this sign: in fact, Aquarius is always out of step with the rest of the world and revels in anything that is 'different'.

Aquarius is also one of the most happily eccentric of the signs. Although it can be extremely difficult to get close to an Aquarian, this is a Fixed sign and so is loyal and faithful. Ask an Aquarian for help and you will immediately get it, for this sign is a very soft touch and would willingly give some people the shirt off its back if necessary.


The Aquarian personality is one of the most impersonal and detached, yet Aquarius has a deep care and concern for humanity. A progressive reformer, Aquarius is also full of humanitarian ideals, but these can be somewhat vague, giving Aquarians a reputation for keeping their heads in the clouds.

the Dark Side

The Aquarian personality can be chaotic and unpredictable, stubborn and rebellious, cranky and perverse. It is a sign which can be totally dedicated to being unconventional, whilst remaining stuck in a rigid, unrecognized pattern. It is also a sign which can become detached to the point of coldness, making it very difficult for ordinary mortals to relate to them. Aquarians do not care what the world thinks, however, so that social conventions are sometimes thrown out of the windows in favour of anarchy. The isolation this can sometimes bring can come as a surprise to them as they find it difficult to see how they might have behaved unreasonably.

Idealistic Aquarians are full of suggestions for changing the state of the world, but this often means they overlook their own condition. They are frequently fascinated by health issues, especially in the area of new healing techniques. Yet they can easily neglect themselves. A tremendous zest for life gives them enormous staying power; but extremely self-willed, they will stubbornly resist any advice to slow down.


Tiredness can produce loss of concentration and may induce contrary and over-wrought behavior. Other Aquarian symptoms of stress are muscular tension or spasms. These can build up over a long period of time, eventually leading to circulatory disorders - another Aquarian concern. They are often unpleasantly surprised when their bodies let them down, and they make difficult patients.


Although they're naturally very straightforward, do not expect Aquarians to be clear-cut because they are often very unpredictable, and will almost certainly keep their loved ones guessing. Not all Aquarians find it easy to show their feelings, and they are often uncomfortable about the more romantic aspects of love.

Extrovert, entertaining, intelligent, and often very idealistic, Aquarians usually have many friends who play an important role in their lives. Although they are very loyal and trustworthy, their partners may often become jealous over the bond between and Aquarian and his or her friends. In some cases, their strong feelings and attitudes can turn into insistence and tremendous arguments if aroused, which can make life difficult for their partners.

Aquarians also often have difficulty in handling their own as well as other people's emotions, which may mean that they sometimes ignore a partner's most intimate feelings and insecurities

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ni jerk yg mampu aku dapat...
nnti len kali kalau aku dpt lebey bnyak..
aku up lagi...


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